Changhong B8U 2300ANSI Lumens Ultrashort Focus Home Theater Android 11.0 Smart TV with 3D MEMC video game Laser 4K Projector




Changhong B8U 2300ANSI Lumens Ultrashort Focus Home Theater Android 11.0 Smart TV with 3D MEMC video game Laser 4K Projector


1. 3840*2160P Resolution. real 4K. the picture quality is very high.

2. 2300 ANSI Lumens. high brightness that even day you can use it.

3. Ultrashort focus, 0.21:1 throw ratio near the wall that you can project big screen too.

4. Android 11.0 TV system. official Android system. built-in legal google play store and youtube.

5. Support USD 3D / youtube 3D / HDMI 3D. ( db-3D and tp-3D).

6. Youtube 4K + Chromecast built-in + MEMC + HDR 10 + Dolby vision + Dolby atmos + DTS-HD Audio support+8 point keystone correction.

7. Support google assistant. google voice control. it is easy to use voice search. support many languages.

Giant 4K Screen

3840*2160 UHD resolution reveals every fine detail on the giant screen

, 2300ANSI lumens brightness offers a conformable viewing experience for human eyes.

Real Shoot for the B8U Projector

Shoot by iPhone. screen up to 150inch

Main Page of the B8U Projector

Android 11.0 TV System.

Dolby Audio-visual Cinema

Dolby Vision decoding is supported to optimize image brightness extend dynamic range and provide you with cinema standard high definition image

Dolby atmos decoding is supported to present dynamic sound effects according to the movie content and show more sound detail

DTS-HD Audio support,lossless sound delivered

DHT-HD supports up to eight channels of surround sound with an increased dynamic range, a wider frequency response, and a higher sampling rate than other DTS surround formats

Discovering True Color

1 billion and HDR10, With the Changhong pure color laser display technology. Millions of pixels are expertly controlled to restore the true color of the real world

Smooth Picture

MEMC frames interpolation, technology enhances the quality and smoothness of the video. Games, sports events and other pictures more smooth and coherent with MEMC

Enjoy 3D Movies at Home

3D decoding is fully supported, You can experience a much more immersive image, right at your home.

Android TV

Powered by Android TVTM system, You can get full access to the Google Play Store for Android T, no matter what you’re looking for-from Youtube to Prime VideThere are tons of apps for your selection

Google Assistant

With Google Assistant , you can call and search for apps with your voice . It is easy and relaxing

Chromecast Built-in

The Built-in Chromecast allows you to cast your favorite shows , movies music and more to the giant screen in one click

8 Point Keystone Correction

B8U supports 8 points keystone adjustment ,which makes it easy to align the image with your screen

Protect your Eye’s Health with DLP Projection

DLP projection delivers soft and smooth images. the diffuse reflection of the picture is as soft as moonlight; B8u’s high precision optical system is powered by an all-new algorithm. efficiently reduce the blue light to protect the eye health of you and your family. No radiation DLP diffuse reflectionBlocking 99.99% harmful blue light3.5 meters comfortable viewing distance recommended

190mm for 100inch

with the 0.21:1 ultra-short throw ratio, giant 100 projection. only requires a distance of 190mm between the edge of the projector and the screen.

It frees up your space and make it more flexible on installation.

25000 Hours of Light Source Life

Compared with other light sources, solid-state laser light sources benefit from a significantly slow brightness decay and a long lifespan of up to 25000 hours, The light source can last for over ten years if the projector is used for 6 hours daily.


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