Formovie X5 4k Laser Projector with 4500 ANSI with Denon Sound



Product Name: Fengmi Master Series X5 Laser Projector
Product size: 217*210*167mm
Product weight: 3.98kg
Optical parameters
Display technology: DLP
Light source technology: ALPD laser display technology
Standard resolution: 3840*2160
Projection parameters
Projection ratio: 1.27:1
Lens focus: Camera focus/non-inductive focus
Keystone correction: Omnidirectional automatic keystone correction
Curtain alignment: The curtain aligns automatically
Obstacle avoidance: The screen is intelligent obstacle avoidance
System parameters
Processor: MT9669
Memory: 4GB + 128GB
Operating system: FengOS 3.0
Electrical specifications
Power consumption: <200W
Standby power consumption: <0.5W

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