Formovie Xming Q2 Smart Projector



●500 ANSI Lumens

● Wi-Fi:2.4/5GHz


●1080P (1920×1080);support 4K HDR10+



●Auto obstacle avoidance system

●40-120nch picture size


Brightness, resolution ,etc.arealltestedbyXming’s laboratory,final results may differ from differenttest

conditions and environments.

*Image qualityisa djusted by ISF image quality certification engineer Panke who is a color modulation expert.

*It is recommended that when projecting,thelateral angle shouldbe≤20°,if the angle iS too wide,it may affect the calibration effect.

*The statistics of China Atmos WANOS®technology cinema applications is upto April2021. *Lowbluelightcertificationnumber:

CNICM220722001 Xming Q2 Smart Projector can filter blue light located between the 415-455nm wavelength.For your eyes’protection,please take an interval when you lengthily watch.

*The data of optomechanical,ligh tsource,noise,etc.are obtained by the Fengm ilaboratory test.Final results may differfromd ifferenttest conditions andenvironments.

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